Young People

Young people are wonderfully creative and inquisitive – now they have their own special place online to ask each other questions about anything!

The Values Exchange Community is open to any young person, free of charge – either via a school or simply by personal registration.

As part of the Values Exchange Community young people can have fun and address the issues that matter most to them at the same time: friendships, the future, schools, bullying, war, animal rights, fave pop stars...

Using polls, discussions, surveys, digital sharing boards and Think Screens young people can intelligently explore anything at all.

  • An exciting alternative to Facebook and Twitter
  • Deeper, more colourful and much more relevant to young people
  • Many levels of engagement – from simple chat and polling to powerful ethical and social reasoning debate
  • Built on trust and mutual support – there are commonsense rules, but the VX Community is owned and managed by young people themselves