University and Higher Education

Universities and higher education establishments have used Learning Management Systems (LMS) for several years.

The trouble is that while LMSs sometimes make education more efficient, students don’t feel ownership and are rarely challenged into independent creativity.

The VX ‘flips’ learning fundamentally.

It's an egalitarian, thinking community in which students have the freedom to post their own issues in the same formats as the lecturers - giving routine access to rich educational and research data they create themselves.

  • Instant, in-depth results for every Issue
  • Powerful built-in analytics – the VX is a research tool in its own right
  • Teaches advanced research skills through active student engagement
  • Connects disciplines across a university - perfect for inter-disciplinary collaborations
  • Intuitive and contemporary to use – students quickly identify with the technology and avidly engage in thinking
  • Students are never passive
  • Collaboration, questioning and research become second-nature