Human Resources

A VX Community is a major asset in the pursuit of HR goals. It helps professional development, performance management and creates a positive, open  work environment.

Routine use brings hidden values safely to the surface, includes staff at all levels, and encourages a rich exchange of ideas about what truly matters to your company.

  • Allows positive change to emerge organically - rather than have ideas imposed on resistant staff
  • Builds and benchmarks staff ethical profiles
  • Builds evidence-based portfolios of staff thinking and engagement
  • Supports values-based performance appraisal
  • Can be used to develop collective vision and mission statements, involving everyone in the deliberation
  • We work with you to identify 12 key HR Think Screen Issues for your Company, one per month
  • You support your staff to reflect on each of these Issues – repsonding takes roughly 15 – 20 minutes
  • The VX analyses the growing trends and makes the values of your staff transparent
  • We supply a monthly report offering our take on the key results, suggesting new strategies – it’s that easy