Charities of all kinds are shedding jobs at double the rate of the public sector. Many voluntary organisations are in financial distress from recession, cuts in government spending and rising costs. Almost all charities face aging memberships and aging volunteer bases.

Charities seem to have little choice but to rely on traditional methods of raising revenue, hoping donors will remain loyal. There’s fierce competition between charities for the ‘donor dollar’, and a lack of budget for new initiatives and research and development.

There is an answer: creating an online Thinking Community especially for your charity is a powerful tool for improving current performance and attracting younger people.

  • A major point of difference for your charity’s brand – creates excitement and loyalty
  • Allows supporters to share stories and projects
  • Brings together donors and recipients, particularly useful in an international environment
  • Creates peer and advocacy groups – young people can ‘import’ their social networking friends to join them on their charity’s network
  • Develops individuals and teams and encourages leadership, idea-sharing and collective learning
  • Each charity site comes with more than 50 pre-existing Think Screen Issues
  • We provide a rich library of further learning and member engagement materials
  • We offer comprehensive staff training
  • We work with you to identify exactly how best to deploy the VX in your Charity – every Charity is different
  • We introduce you to the key leaders in other VX Charities - offering a potential online opportunity to join forces