The VX converts your company's Mission, Core Values and Strategic Objectives into a working tool. Your VX can include all staff in structured debate about the issues that matter most to your company.

The software educates staff, improves decision-making and communication, and creates dynamic ‘values trends’, capturing exactly what makes your company tick.

  • Every dilemma you debate in the boardroom, management meeting or team brainstorm can be better resolved by the intelligence, data and solutions revealed by the VX
  • Every conflict in the office can be better resolved by the underlying values and understanding revealed by the VX
  • Every cultural change program can be better implemented by socialising your values to your employees' through the VX
  • Every code of conduct can be better instilled by demonstrating and rewarding the required behaviours through the VX
  • Every silo can be better aligned to your corporate goals by the deeper reasoning behind personal agendas exposed by the VX
  • Each month we supply a precise report offering our take on the key results, and suggesting new strategies – it’s that easy.