Most teachers want to offer their students a creative education, but find themselves focused on getting the best grades and exam results. The VX helps them do both.

The VX not only improves student results but builds thinking skills essential to successful, responsible citizenship.

  • The VX can be deployed routinely across all curriculum subjects, from age 7 upwards
  • The VX connects critical thinking and ethical reasoning to key parts of the assessed curriculum – national, Cambridge or International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Literacy – the VX strongly enhances persuasive reasoning and writing
  • Numeracy – the VX delivers extensive quantitative data to the fingertips of every participant
  • Information and communication technology competence – by posting their own Surveys, Cases, Polls and Boards, students quickly gain IT competence and confidence
  • Ethical behaviour - the VX does not teach right and wrong, but instead encourages students to examine their values and logically support their ideas
  • Intercultural understanding – the VX has a network of schools in Australia, NZ, USA and the UK
  • Responsibility online – the VX is monitored by our staff, however young people not only self-regulate but are mature and protective of each other.